Deprecation Notice

Discover Misty's capabilities and send basic commands to your robot before writing your own code.

Device Info

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Network Name:
Battery Level:

System Update

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Sensory Services Version:
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Targeted Update

If Misty fails to update all software and firmware components, you can attempt a targeted update below.


Change Misty's display image, play a sound from her speakers, or change the color of her chest LED. You can also use these controls to upload or delete image and audio files.

Change LED

Choose a value between 0-255 for red, green, and blue to change the color of Misty's chest LED.


download icon
delete icon


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Send Misty a drive command.

Manual Driving


Head Movement

Arm Movement


Face Detection

Misty streams face detection event data to your browser console.

Face Recognition

Misty streams face recognition event data to your browser console.

Record Video

Record video with Misty's 4k camera.

Face Training

Hold your face 1-2 feet in front of Misty's visor. Face training takes about 30 seconds.

Take Photo

Record Audio

Audio Localization

Display Voice Localization data from Misty's microphone array.

Audio Localization Visualization

Voice Activity (Radar)
Voice Activity (Sector)


Misty's simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) capabilities are under active development. Experiment with mapping and tracking, but recognize that these features are unreliable at this time.

Sensor Data

Misty streams real-time data from her sensors to the Command Center through her WebSocket interface. When you subscribe to a sensor, you can see additional data for sensor events by opening your web browser's console.

Time of Flights

Bump Sensors

Cap Touch Sensors

Battery Voltage

IMU Sensors

Actuator Positions

Drive Encoders