Command Center

Discover Misty’s capabilities and send basic commands to your robot before writing your own code.


Device Info

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Robot Version:
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System Update

Download and install an available system update.

If a component fails to update with the rest of the system, you can attempt a targeted update below.

Important: Only use this option if asked to do so by a member of the Misty Robotics staff!

Robot Mode

Set Misty's default behavior.

You decide what skills Misty should execute.

When idle, Misty moves in a lifelike way.

Quick Commands

Choose a number between 0-255 for the red, green, and blue values to change the color of Misty's chest LED.



Drive Time


Manual Driving


Head Movement




Arm Movement


Manage the image and audio files on your robot. The maximum size for files is 3MB. Accepted image file extensions are: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif. Accepted audio file extensions are: .wav, .mp3, .wma, .aac.


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Face Detection

Information about faces Misty detects displays in your browser console.

Face Recognition

Information about the faces Misty detects displays in your browser console.

To see information about the faces Misty detects, subscribe to FaceRecognition events under Advanced Options in the Sensor Data section of this page.

Face Training

Enter a name in the text field and click the "Start Face Training" button. Position your face in front of the camera, about a foot or two away, for about 30 seconds. The camera will take numerous pictures of your face and Misty will attempt to create a face matrix so she can recognize you in the future.

Take Photo


Record Video


Record video with Misty’s 4k camera.

Record Audio


Record audio with Misty’s microphone array.


These controls allow you to interact with Misty's simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) capabilities. SLAM is Misty's ability to both create a map of the world and know where she is in that map at the same time. Misty's SLAM hardware and capabilities are early alpha features and are under active development. Experiment with mapping and tracking, but recognize that these features are unreliable at this time.


1. Select "Start Mapping". After a few seconds, the Misty icon below should turn green, indicating that Misty has obtained pose.

2. Use the Manual Driving controls to drive Misty around her environment. Drive Misty slowly to ensure she maintains pose.

3. When you are done with mapping, select "Stop Mapping".

4. Select "Get Map" to retrieve the map from the robot.

Misty Pose Icon


Use these controls to initiate tracking. Misty cannot drive to a specific destination or follow a path if she does not have a map or if she has not obtained pose.

Misty Pose Icon

Follow Path & Wayfinding


These controls allow Misty to drive to specific coordinates or to follow a path on her current map.

Sensor Data

Real-time data from Misty is sent via WebSocket connections. When you use the Command Center to open WebSocket connections, you can view live data from Misty in your web browser's console.

Time of Flights

Bump Sensors

Cap Touch Sensors

Battery Voltage

IMU Sensors

Actuator Positions

Drive Encoders