Command Center

Discover Misty's capabilities and send basic commands to your robot before writing your own code.

Quick Commands


Device Info

Serial Number:
Robot Version:
Sensory Services Version:
Windows OS Version:
Network Name:
Battery Level:

System Update

Download and install an available system update.

Override Battery Check

Important: Only use this option if asked to do so by a member of the Misty Robotics staff!

Targeted Update

If Misty fails to update all software and firmware components, you can attempt a targeted update below.



Send Misty a drive command.

Manual Driving


Head Movement

Arm Movement


Manage the image and audio files on your robot. The maximum size for files is 3MB. Accepted image file extensions are: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif. Accepted audio file extensions are: .wav, .mp3, .wma, .aac.


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Face Detection

Start detecting faces. Misty streams face detection event data to your browser console.

Face Recognition

Start recognizing faces. Misty streams face recognition event data to your browser console.

Face Training

Hold your face 1-2 feet in front of Misty's visor. Face training takes about 30 seconds.

Take Photo

Record Video

Record video with Misty's 4k camera.

Record Audio

Record audio with Misty's microphone array.


Misty's simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) capabilities are under active development. Experiment with mapping and tracking, but recognize that these features are unreliable at this time.


Click Start Mapping and wait for Misty's Pose icon to turn white. The icon will turn red if pose is lost. Use the Manual Driving controls on this page to drive Misty slowly around her environment. When finished, click Stop Mapping. Click Get Map to generate a 2D visualization of Misty's map data.

For more on mapping, see Misty's documentation.

Misty Pose Icon


Click Start Tracking before you have Misty follow a path or drive to a specific location.

Misty Pose Icon

Follow Path & Wayfinding

Set a path for Misty to follow or have her drive to coordinates on her map. For more on path driving, see Misty's documentation.

Sensor Data

Misty streams real-time data from her sensors to the Command Center through her WebSocket interface. When you subscribe to a sensor, you can see additional data for sensor events by opening your web browser's console.

Time of Flights

Bump Sensors

Cap Touch Sensors

Battery Voltage

IMU Sensors

Actuator Positions

Drive Encoders