API Explorer

The API Explorer provides interactive access to Misty's REST API endpoints.

Welcome to the Misty API Explorer!

You can use the API Explorer to:

  • browse the list of Misty's REST API endpoints
  • send REST API commands to Misty
  • experiment with different parameters
  • generate code samples for Misty's REST API and on-robot JavaScript API

Learn more about the API Explorer in the developer documentation.

Important! The API Explorer generates code samples for Misty's REST API in JavaScript that are based on jQuery and the lightClient.js helper tool. This tool simplifies the code required to send requests to Misty from your web browser. Download the lightClient.js tool from GitHub, and read more about it in the developer documentation.

This tool is currently in a pre-release state. As such, not all features are fully functional, and the site may change before the release of Misty's SDK.