Welcome to the Misty Software Development Kit! Start here to explore Misty's capabilites and APIs, build skills for your robot, and share your code with the Misty Community.

Before you begin, make sure to download the Misty Mobile App and connect Misty to your Wi-Fi network. Apple App Store Badge Google Play Store Badge

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Command Center

Discover Misty's capabilities and try out basic commands before you write any code.

API Explorer

Use the interactive API Explorer to browse Misty's REST endpoints, experiment with different parameter values, and generate code samples for her REST and on-robot JavaScript APIs.


Learn all about Misty and how to use her advanced capabilities in your skills.

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Skill Runner

Install, run, and manage the skills that execute locally on your robot.

Code Samples

Download code samples, functions, and wrappers shared by the Misty Community on GitHub.


Download the Misty Skills extension for Visual Studio Code for autocompletion and descriptions of the methods in Misty's on-robot JavaScript API.

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Community Skills

See what other developers are working on and share your own code in the Misty Skills section of the Community Site

Community Site

Join the community to talk about robots with developers, Misty staff, and robot fans around the world. Share knowledge. Ask questions. Find inspiration.